welcome to IDM

IDM is progressive, changing from being simply a traditional gas-heating maintenance company into a diverse enterprise offering a holistic approach to supplying the most efficient and eco friendly temperature control within buildings.

We do this by using latest products, system technology and energy forms that aim to minimise carbon emission waste from homes and industry, instead providing the most value for money temperature comfort, whether for cooling or warming interior environments.

Services and Products

services and products

IDM plans, designs and installs heating and cooling systems, kitchens and bathrooms to client requirements, taking into account building use, comfort, regulation and value.

Alternative Energy and Systems

greener futures

Although IDM's growth to date has been based upon gas systems installation and maintenance, we predict future growth in a climate of radical change. Learn how we are changing to supply warmth responsibly.


our clients

We greatly value our clients, placing their needs and aspirations at the heart of our business. We endeavour always to treat our clients with respect, integrity and honesty.